ACCEPTATION by Margaret Junkin Preston (1820-1897)

We do accept thee, heavenly Peace! Albeit thou comest in a guise Unlooked for--undesired, our eyes Welcome through tears the sweet release From war, and woe, and want,--surcease, For which we bless thee, blessed Peace! We lift our foreheads from the dust; And as we meet thy brow's clear calm, There falls a freshening sense of balm Upon our spirits. Fear--distrust-- The hopeless present on us thrust-- We'll meet them as we can, and must. War has not wholly wrecked us; still Strong hands, brave hearts, high souls are ours-- Proud consciousness of quenchless powers-- A Past whose memory makes us thrill-- Futures uncharactered, to fill With heroisms--if we will. Then courage, brothers!--Though each breast Feel oft the rankling thorn, despair, That failure plants so sharply there-- No pain, no pang shall be confest: We'll work and watch the brightening west, And leave to God and Heaven, the rest.

Postwar Remembrances

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