This poem, taken from the Southern Historical Society Papers (Volume 21, published in 1893), was read at a monument dedication at Vicksburg by Major W. T. Walthall as proxy for Miss Sallie M. Adams, daughter of the late General Wirt Adams. The event is described as follows:
The beautiful memorial service of Vicksburg Camp, Confederate Veterans, preluded by music by the band, was then read by the camp's chaplain, Rev. Nowell Logan, the responses being recited at the same time by the veterans with grand effect. A chorus of fifty singers rendered the hymn used in this service. At its close thirty lovely little flower girls led the way to decorate the graves. "The Bivouac of the Dead" was then recited by Mr. John McQuade, with dramatic fervor and eloquence. The band played another national air, and the Weaver Light Artillery fired a second salute.

At this point in the proceedings indications of a storm became so threatening that the conclusion of the program was adjourned until 8 o'clock at the Opera House.

Thanks to Dave Smith of the Cincinnati Civil War Round Table for contributing this piece.

"Dedication at Vicksburg"

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