RATDENLINDEN by Colonel B. H. Jones

In prison, when the sun was up, Each "reb" licked clean his plate and cup, And not a scrap left for our pup -- Little "Reb" -- the terrier. But Ratden saw another sight, When "Yanks" lit up each sentry light, Scattering far the shades of night Within the Federal bastilery. Then, quick, at certain signal made, Each "Reb" intent upon a "raid," With stick in lieu of battle blade, Fiercely assailed the rattery. Then were their secret dens upriven, Then scampered rats in terror driven, No quarter them by "Rebs" was given -- It was a bloody massacre. Fiercer and louder grows the "row," Fiercer and keener "Reb's" "bow-wow!" We've had enough of Yankee "cow," Unless it could some fatter be! 'Tis taps now, yet tomorrow's sun Will prove our work has been well done; A full day's "rash" of "grub" we've won -- To us a bloodless victory. "The combat deepens! On, ye brave"! Resolved rat bacon now to save! Strike, rebels, strike! with stone and stave -- "Go in," ye little terrier. Few rats shall part where many meet; Lank "Rebs" will free their bones of meat -- 'Twere better far of rats to eat, Than die of hunger bodily. Johnson's Island, November 3, 1864

Soldier Life

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