OH! SUSANNA By Stephen C. Foster (1826-1864)

I came from Alabama, wid my banjo on my knee, I'm g'wan to Louisiana my true love for to see, It rain'd all night the day I left, The weather it was dry, The sun so hot I froze to death; Susanna, don't you cry. CHORUS: Oh! Susanna, Oh! don't you cry for me, I've come from Alabama, wid my banjo on my knee. I jumped aboard de telegraph, And trabbelled down de ribber, De Lectrie fluid magnified, And killed five hundred Nigger; De bullgine bust, de horse run off, I really thought I'd die; I shut my eyes to hold my breath, Susanna, don't you cry. CHORUS I had a dream de odder night When ebery ting was still; I thought I saw Susanna, A coming down de hill. De buckwheat cake war in her mouth, The tear was in her eye, Says I'm coming from de South, Susanna, don't you cry. CHORUS I soon will be in New Orleans, And den I'll look all round, And when I find Susanna, I'll fall upon the ground. But if I do not find her, Dis darkie'll surely die, And when I'm dead and buried, Susanna, don't you cry. CHORUS

Thanks to Benjamin Tubb
of The Music of Stephen Collins Foster
for permission to use his MIDI file of
Oh! Susanna.
All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without permission.

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