Oh, Righteous Cause, for which we fought, And for which thousands died, We glory in it as we ought And point to it with pride. The Cause for which our fathers bled, In Revolution days, The right of self-defense instead Of treasonable ways. No "Cause" is "Lost" that has the right, Success is often wrong, Tho' seemingly it wins the fight, The honors still belong To those in failure or defeat, Who tried and did their best, As long as noble hearts shall beat Within a human breast. Was Russia right and Poland wrong Contending for its place, Among the nations, brave and long, 'Till crush'd by power base? The rev'rence all true Southrons feel, No foes can over-awe, For Cause that ever will appeal, With all the force of law. And yet today we are as true To country's flag as they, Who bore it then and wore the Blue 'Gainst those who wore the Gray.

Postwar Remembrances

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